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 Jerome Corsi in Kenya.

Here is your live blog for today.

Resistance hero Michael Avenatti is back in the news:

You can bet that CNN will (not) be right on this.



Team Mueller gave Tony Podesta immunity to testify against Manafort.

The two men were accused of doing the same thing -- acting as unregistered lobbyists on behalf of the Ukrainian government -- but Podesta got off, and Manafort got to go to prison for the rest of his life.

I'd have no problem with Manafort going to jail, if Podesta were going too.

We either have equal treatment under the law or we don't.




Words to live by:

One of the most idiotic narratives to come out of Border Patrol's actions on Sunday is the idea that both the president and first lady are directly responsible for the gassing of babies.

No concern for the fact that some terrible human beings (either parents, friends, relatives or human traffickers) not only dragged these poor children on a dangerous 2,000-mile trip and neglected to clothe them properly, but forced them to be among the lawless, rock-throwing rabble who tried to storm the border.

Even MSNBC's audience now knows (because their reporter on the border gently broke the news during a live broadcast) that the vast majority of the caravan migrants are young men. The worst of them were behind the chaos on Sunday. And some profoundly irresponsible women dragged young children right into the melee.

That's all Trump's fault, according to the fake news media narrative.

First, the MSM disseminated the false narrative that Border Patrol brutes, on orders from the president, gassed innocent women and children. Then left-wing drones picked it up and immediately started in with the emoting: "Orange man bad, migrants good!"

That was, in fact, a major theme of left-wing Twitter on Monday and Tuesday as they trashed Melania Trump's beautiful Christmas decor.

These weirdos really do act like pre-programmed bots, completely incapable of independent thought.

What could go wrong?

This explains so much:

The hyper-partisan political nature of late-night comedy has become unwatchable for those of us who remember when humor was the goal. Now it's all just so much preaching. Yes, they are still getting ratings and laughs, but that is because the American Left is an easily-trained, obedient hive mind. It's not really an entertainer/audience relationship, it's more of a seal trainer/seals affair.

For those who remember a better time and want to reminisce, Antenna TV shows Carson reruns.