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Stephen, I'm with you.

The greatest tragedy is, Hollywood seems so bent on only doing two historical franchises: Robin Hood and King Arthur. Look, both of these pseudo-history myths create great stories, but real history can be far more fascinating. How about the siege of Malta, where a humongous force of white Muslim Turks besieged olive-skinned Christians, striving for dominance in the Mediterranean but finally falling short after a truly historic battle?

How about the siege of Granada, the final battle in the Reconquista of Spain, where Ferdinand and Isabella (yes, the monarchs who sent Columbus) finally defeated the last sultan on the Iberian peninsula? A movie on that could feature the massive palace and gardens of the Alhambra, as well as the discovery of America at the end.

Heck, there have been many successful movies about the American Revolution, why not one about the French and Indian War, prominently featuring Native American diplomacy with the Iroquois and and seemingly miraculous battles that went for the French and the British? It could even be a tragedy, focused on the slow decline of the great Iroquois Confederacy as it struggled to maintain neutrality but eventually sided with the British. This war also shaped the character of Americans — showing them that English soldiers were far less free than they were, and encouraging them to band together and eventually become independent.

Heck, there are so many fascinating stories in the Bible books of Kings and Jeremiah — where I'm reading right now — including the Judeans almost killing Jeremiah for his dire prophecies and only later realizing their follies. The Letter to the Exiles in Jeremiah 29 — one of the seminal texts in Western history — would never have existed had the powers in Jerusalem successfully lynched Jeremiah.

History is chock-full of fascinating stories, but Hollywood only ever wants to do King Arthur and Robin Hood. Let's hope American audiences stop just guzzling down these increasingly lame franchises and call out for better stories, and that filmmakers get over political correctness and make some good historical films.