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Last week:


Everybody's got an agenda, folks. It's your job to seek the truth rather than allow yourself to be led around by media types.

This news you can trust, however:

#10 Ohio State will go on to beat #4 Michigan, 62-39

It'll be fascinating to see where the teams end up in the rankings this week.

There are rumors that this could be Meyer's last game in "The Shoe." His wife is in tears in the stands, which would lend credence to the rumors. He's struggled with health problems -- a brain cyst that causes excruciating headaches -- and the OSU program has been rocked by scandals over the last year, so OSU may be in the market for a new coach. If so, a big win today is a heck of a way to go out.

While we're on the subject, I'd be remiss if I didn't highlight the Best Damn Band in the Land, fresh off their appearance in the Macy's parade: