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French President Emmanuel Macron's popularity is in free fall thanks to protests against increased taxes on fuel and a general dissatisfaction with his government.


Emmanuel Macron has suffered a new low ahead of this weekend’s unprecedented street protests against his presidency. The embattled French leader saw his poll approval plummet to a new low this week as the protests grow in numbers. Protesters have already started to flood Parisian streets today in a bid to “shut down” the city in revolt against government policies.

According to a poll published yesterday, Mr Macron’s popularity has slipped to a new low.

Pollster BVA found only 26 percent of French people have a favorable opinion of the president - a drop of three points from last month.

This follows the sudden protests last week which left two people killed and more than 530 injured.

The initial revolt was centred around fuel price hikes but have since morphed into a wider demonstration against inequality and the political class.

This morning, French police have already responded to the protest march with tear gas and water cannons.

That protest resulted in 35 arrests. Macron's government is blaming the "far right," but it's clear that both right and left are united in their hatred against the president and his inept government.