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This whole thing is playing out like a long, real-life horror movie. Absolutely tragic.

Following a five-day machine recount of the more than 8.3 million votes cast in the Nov. 6 elections, Secretary of State Ken Detzner ordered hand recounts Thursday afternoon in the race between U.S. Sen Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott, and also the race for agriculture commissioner between Nicole “Nikki” Fried and Matt Caldwell.

The order gives canvassing boards in the state’s 67 counties three days to pore over thousands of ballots that were rejected by machines because of “overvotes” — a voter appears to have chosen more than one candidate in a race — or “undervotes,” in which a voter appears to have skipped a race altogether. With the help of state guidelines, the canvassing boards, which are allowed to enlist the help of volunteers, will try to determine how these voters intended to vote.

Where the results stand today:

Florida Senate Race:

Rick Scott: 4,097,68950.071%

Bill Nelson: 4,085,08649.917%

Election night margin: 0.72%

Sunday margin: 0.15%

New margin: 0.154%

Total votes: 8,183,795

Florida Governor's Race:

Ron DeSantis4,075,44549.593%

Andrew Gillum4,041,76249.183%

Election night margin: 0.97%

Sunday margin: 0.41%

New margin: 0.410%

Total votes: 8,217,818

The hand recount is expected to last about a week.

Well done, Ohio Republicans.

Let this be true x 1000:

The CNN decision has been postponed until tomorrow. No reason given: