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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

Americans are pigging out on bacon as Trump's trade war cuts chicken demand.

Now this is what I call winning.

An expansion in the number of U.S. hogs and cattle is contributing to the change in diets by boosting supplies of pork and beef. Restaurants are seizing on the increases to promote hamburgers instead of chicken, while grocery stores have featured pork.

The shift is set to end an unprecedented streak of 27 profitable quarters for chicken producers such as Tyson Foods, which reports results on Tuesday, and Sanderson Farms, said Bill Roenigk, an agricultural economist and consultant for the National Chicken Council trade group. He said the chicken sector would generally lose money or break even in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The pain for chicken producers and the increased appetite for pork are ripple effects of Trump's trade disputes, which have also reduced shipments of U.S. soybeans and sorghum to China.

We need to pause here for a moment to take notice of something. Soybeans are also more plentiful in the U.S. market, for the same reason as pork and beef. But the story doesn't mention any increase in consumer demand for tofu.

I love this country.

Anyway, one more thing:

"With all that pork on the market," Roenigk said, "it has spilled over to affecting consumers' demand for chicken."

So much of the chicken we eat is of the boneless, skinless variety. Some people eat it for health reasons, others because it's inexpensive and plentiful. But the sad fact about the ubiquitous boneless, skinless chicken breast is that it's essentially flavorless. Meat gets most of its flavor from fat (which in chicken resides mostly in the skin) and from marrow (which is removed along with the bones). This is why the bone-in ribeye is God's Own Choice when He decides to grill His dinner.

What this story tells me is that Americans know this, and flock back to tasty beef and pork just as quickly as it becomes economical to do so.

Did I mention I love this country?

Off the cuff: The reactionary-right response to Fox News Channel’s executive Amicus brief in support of CNN's suit against the White House over Jim Acosta losing his WH credentials is: how can FNC support this repugnant Democrat shill?

Trust me, my loathing for Acosta is complete, but FNC is justified in coming down on the side of constitutional freedom of the press. As pointed out by Stephen Green’s post of Scott Adam’s tweet, Fox wins here by supporting tenets of the Fourth Estate. Someday a Democrat may again hold the Oval Office (though I pray that never happens) and Fox will be able to show how they stood on principle against pulling credentials from even the most egregious example of their competition. In so doing, they distinguish themselves from the corrupted mainstream media.

I do think the intern involved in the Acosta incident might want to consider a civil lawsuit, if for no other reason than to keep the rude and boorish behavior of the CNN “reporter” in the spotlight.

Avenatti?   Should be curtains for Acosta's fellow low-life Democrat.


There is that too:

Whoa, if true...


I suppose the next argument will be that since they're not literally armed and wearing uniforms, there's no way they can be called an invasion.