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Off the cuff: The reactionary-right response to Fox News Channel’s executive Amicus brief in support of CNN's suit against the White House over Jim Acosta losing his WH credentials is: how can FNC support this repugnant Democrat shill?

Trust me, my loathing for Acosta is complete, but FNC is justified in coming down on the side of constitutional freedom of the press. As pointed out by Stephen Green’s post of Scott Adam’s tweet, Fox wins here by supporting tenets of the Fourth Estate. Someday a Democrat may again hold the Oval Office (though I pray that never happens) and Fox will be able to show how they stood on principle against pulling credentials from even the most egregious example of their competition. In so doing, they distinguish themselves from the corrupted mainstream media.

I do think the intern involved in the Acosta incident might want to consider a civil lawsuit, if for no other reason than to keep the rude and boorish behavior of the CNN “reporter” in the spotlight.

Avenatti?   Should be curtains for Acosta's fellow low-life Democrat.


There is that too:

Whoa, if true...


I suppose the next argument will be that since they're not literally armed and wearing uniforms, there's no way they can be called an invasion.

Without going into detail, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told Sean Hannity last night that she has opened a criminal investigation into allegations of election fraud, and that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is conducting interviews.

Said Bondi:

There have been so many allegations, and right now that's all that there are. They're allegations. But I've had my prosecutors on the ground in (Fort) Lauderdale. We have the Florida Department of Law Enforcement-- the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has also opened a tip hotline for folks to call. You can go on their website and get it; I can give it out.

But if folks feel that they have seen evidence of fraud, call that in. We are clearly doing an investigation. We have made no conclusions. But this is about the integrity of our election process, and wherever it leads, we want to be sure that voters know that our process is going to be fair and legal, Sean.

Great news. Whatever happens, it's important citizens on both sides of the aisle believe everything possible was done to ensure the integrity of the vote.