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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for today.

If you've ever wondered...

I'm still pondering whether I agree with this after all these years. :)

And now, something lovely and non-political to wrap up my blogging day.

See you bright and early tomorrow AM.

Click through and watch the video.

It was good while it lasted:


It’s been a fun and sometimes wild ride in the New York gubernatorial Democratic primary this spring. Upstart Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon got a lot of people excited with her challenge to the state’s scandal-prone governor, Andrew Cuomo. That was especially true in the media, where liberal analysts were falling all over themselves to find signs of life in her campaign. But as the heat of summer approaches, a new Siena poll shows that not only is Nixon failing to chip away at Cuomo’s massive lead, she’s actually losing ground.

I was hoping that she could be a real thorn in Cuomo's side, making him fight and spend resources until the end of the primary. Who knows though-she's and actress who has the ego and probably the resources to stick it out despite what the polls are saying.