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Live Blog

Live Blog

Another terrifying piece on the ongoing Dem shenanigans in Tallahassee:

On election night, Florida governor Rick Scott led incumbent Senator Bill Nelson by nearly 60,000 votes.  The next day, Scott watched his lead inexplicably shrink. Overnight, enough new Democrat votes had been “discovered” to close the gap by 22,000 ballots. Later that day, Scott watched as Democrats in Broward added another batch of Democrat ballots favoring Nelson. This time around, it was enough to shrink Scott’s lead by another 10,000 votes.

The oddities in Broward continued again on Thursday. When Scott went to bed last night, he held a close but still decisive 30,000 vote lead. When he woke this morning, like clockwork, Broward County again had added a large tranche of Democrat votes. At about 2pm, Broward had discovered another 11,300 votes and when they were counted, they broke roughly 70-30 percent for Democrats. As of right now, Scott leads Bill Nelson by just 22,000 17,344 votes, triggering a mandatory hand recount.

Those new votes also reduced Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’s margin of victory to just 38,515 votes, or 0.47 percentage points based on the total turnout of 8.2 million votes cast. Anything less than 0.5% triggers an automatic machine recount.

Representatives from both the Scott and DeSantis campaigns say they have attorneys and representatives on site in Broward and Palm Beach, attempting to monitor the situation, but some Republicans are concerned about partisan poll workers gaming the system during a machine recount, where poll workers manually feed ballots into a machine, rather than the actual voters themselves, as happens on election day. Worse, in the case of hand recount, Snipes and her staff may be free to determine the voter’s “intent” rather than simply allowing machines to read the ballots.

“Once we get to that level,” said the Republican strategist, “it’s going to get crazy. With Democrats running the recount in Broward and Palm Beach, we should be very, very concerned about the integrity of this process.”

Be very, very afraid.