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Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch just announced that Scott Walker is prepared for a "long, drawn-out recount." There are no automatic recounts in Wisconsin, but candidates can request them if the vote differential is 1 percent or less. It sounds like that's going to happen — only around 600 votes separate the candidates. Wins sure don't come easy for Walker. You've gotta feel for the guy.

The post-election presidential tweetstorm has begun. Gird your loins.

It seemed like a good time for a musical interlude anyway, so here goes:


Meanwhile, in Montana...

It appears that Stacy Abrams is refusing to concede the Georgia governor's race, even though she is down by 3 points, 51-48. She's going on and on about how people are "trying to take our voices away." "We see the finish line," she declared, pointing out that there are still votes to be counted. "You're going to get a chance to have a do-over," she told her supporters. We'll see.

According to Georgia law, the contest goes to a runoff if no candidate receives 50 percent of the vote. Currently, 96 percent of the votes have been counted and there are still absentee ballots floating around out there. Still, she's behind by more than 100k votes at this point, so it's not looking good for her.