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The Left's favorite excuse when they lose a political battle: But we would have won if the rules were different!!! Uh huh...

Like everybody else, I have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow, but I will say this: if the GOP scores heavily in the Senate races, taking seats in Indiana, West Virginia, North Dakota, Missouri, Montana, and especially Florida -- and hangs on to Arizona (probable) and Nevada (hmmmm), then you can bet there won't be a "blue wave" in the House. Thanks to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and to the cowardice of  several GOP congressmen in California, who retired rather than run again (Issa, Royce), the Democrats are assured of a fistful of pickups (who says the judicial branch isn't political?) and may just stumble past the 218 mark.

On the other hand, if Donnelly holds on, Menendez blows away Hugin in New Jersey, and McKaskill and Nelson squeak by, then it's Katie bar the door. And, of course, if Beto blows away Cruz in Texas...

OK, the Bee is better than the Onion now:


Could Michigan long-shot Senate candidate John James shock the nation Tuesday night?

James polled behind longtime incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow by double digits for most of the year, but in the final weeks the James campaign has gained steam with recent polling reflecting a tightening race.

Moreover, according to DNC/NBC data firm Target Smart, the GOP has done much better in the state's early voting than Democrats -- modeled GOP vote: 438,668 vs. modeled Democrat vote: 284,602.

President Trump gave James one last presidential boost on Twitter today:

As Trump likes to say, "we'll see what happens."