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Peter Thiel

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New York's most cantankerous schmuck

In a parking lot ran amuck

He battled a male

And landed in jail

Said Trump, "I wish him luck."


Huh -- Beto suddenly doesn't want to talk about the caravan.

Those are simple questions, and after O'Rourke's campaign was caught on tape plotting to help caravan migrants with campaign funds, Texas voters have a right to know the answers.




Heaven help us ...

Read the comments in the thread. People are saying that the photo "encouraged" them to vote alright -- for Republicans.

This news really cries out for a limerick:

There once was a man named Baldwin

With a brain like a witch's cauldron

Punched a guy in the face

Over a parking space

Not even his first arrest for a tantrum.


If you have an Alec Baldwin limerick or haiku, please share it in the comments.

Oh dear.

Fox News reports that Baldwin "is currently in custody" and charges against him are pending.

This is not the first arrest for the notoriously tantrum-prone star. Baldwin was arrested in 2014 after he became "belligerent" with a police officer who stopped him on his bike after he was riding in the wrong direction.

NYPD told Fox News at the time that Baldwin, who had no ID, "refused to [identify] himself, became belligerent, cursing and yelling. He was then placed in handcuffs."


Baldwin has also had several other run-ins with the general public that did not involve law enforcement.

In 2011, the former "30 Rock" star was removed from a flight after refusing to stop playing the game "Words With Friends" on his phone.

In 2012, he was accused by a photographer of getting aggressive with him on a New York City street, and in 2013 another photographer filed a harassment claim against Baldwin.

Baldwin has been making more headlines lately for his frequent attacks on President Trump and his parody of the president on "Saturday Night Live."

SNL may have to get by without his terrible Trump impression tomorrow night.