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UPDATE: Video may be hoax.

Speaking of unhinged Democrats ...

The man with the MAGA hat replied, “Because it’s my opinion. What’s wrong with me supporting Trump?”“
When the f*ck was America great?”the bully asked, tapping the MAGA hat.The Trump supporter, who was trying to have a phone conversation, replied, “Trump has done a lot of good stuff.”“What is the problem? It’s just a hat,” he added.A second man chimed in, saying, “I’m not cool with it and I don’t think anyone in this store is cool with this.” (Apparently white privilege does exist because they were allowed to wear hats in the store, but the black man wasn't).

Finally, the Trump supporter challenged the bully: “What are you going to do about me wearing this hat?”

“Take it off,” he responded, to which the Trump supporter answered, “I’m not taking off my hat.”

“Well, I’ll take it off for you,” the anti-Trumper spat as he threw the cap on the ground and walked off.

I don't have a lot of details on this yet, but I'm guessing it happened in or around Kansas City as the aggressor was wearing a Chiefs jersey.

UPDATE: I'm told this may be some kind of parody, which is weird because parodies are usually funny, which this is not.


It's now 100 percent clear that these "bombs" were never a threat to anyone.

Not a physical threat anyway. Who has the most to gain and most to lose from a Trumpian mad-bomber narrative?

Meanwhile we have this from the Daily Wire:

Oh. Is it safe to entertain the idea that these fake bombs could be a Democrat hoax without being accused of being "deranged" -- now that Ben Shapiro's own site is doing so?

Okay, now that Shapiro says it's okay, yeah, I'm going to go on the record and say I've thought all along this whole thing looks like another fake hate crime from Dems.

The timing -- two weeks before the election, with polls moving away from the purported "blue wave" and Democrats constantly being hit with ads and conservative media hitting them for being "unhinged" and a dangerous "mob." Come on. What would be the motivation behind someone on the right doing this right now -- when it does the most political damage to their own side?

Why do Democrats engage in fake crimes? To "raise awareness" about issues they believe are not getting enough attention. Their issue here  of course is with Trump supporters, who they believe are simultaneously ignorant troglodytes (note the misspellings and git 'er done message) and dangerous lunatics (who want to kill the heroes of the Resistance).

The reason why this narrative doesn't fly with most people is because it's a ridiculous lie. That's why they have to make up a fake crime. There is a long list of these. See Fake Hate Crimes.

They were losing the narrative and the one thing Democrats revere more than anything else in politics is "the narrative."

I'm not saying this was part of any big conspiracy. It was probably just one lone idiot or a small cell of idiots. But this is how the left thinks.

Because I'm not an absolutist, I won't rule out the possibility that it was an ignorant Trumpian troglodyte. (Of course there are kooks in any large group). And a crazy person can't be expected to act rationally so of course it's possible. But I think it's much more possible at this point that it will turn out to be somebody on the left.



I'm about to board a plane and don't have time to track down whether or not Jen Rubin actually said this, but it says something about your politics when you're getting high praise from Clara Jeffery, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones.

Update: I just saw that Rubin retweeted the comment, so now we know. She's another one who needs to take some time off to examine her life choices.

The news just keeps getting worse for Avenatti.

Update: Oh dear.

This guy needs to take some time off to examine his life choices. The people who care about him shouldn't let him within 100 feet of a microphone or camera if they know what's good for him.