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Live Blog

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A conservative Latin American activist friend tells me that she believes the Honduran caravans were planned in private meetings during a left-wing conference in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, last August: Seminario internacional "América Latina en disputa" (International seminar "Latin America in dispute")

Deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was there, as were two senators from the Mexican communist party and socialist David Choquehuanca, former chancellor of Bolivia. Choquehuanca is now in charge of the left-wing ALBA Alliance.

My friend suspects they hatched the plan in private meetings. "Mel Zelaya and his Partdo Libre organized everything with American left and Foro de Sao Paulo ALBA members," she said.

Convicted FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera was detained in Panama's International Airport en route to the event.




Remember when the Obamessiah filled stadiums, inducing tingles, the receding of the oceans, healing of the planet, etc?

Well, those days are finally ovah.

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As in -- they weren't meant to detonate? Hmmmm ...