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Beautiful Ted.

It's not "Lyin' Ted" anymore...

Ugh, this guy ...

For eight loooong years, Obama's record-shattering regulations regime crippled the economy. All it took was a competent manager to undo the damage (cut regulations) and put in place some pro-growth policies. It's a work in progress, but for this guy to claim that he played a role in anything other than to stifle investment and economic growth is chutzpah in the extreme.

James Loomis, former head of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, has thrown his support behind Congressman Jim Renacci for the Senate seat currently occupied by liberal Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Loomis wrote in an op-ed that union leaders "are no longer nonpartisan figures who care only about protecting the best interests of their workers. Union leadership has become an arm of Democrat politicians, to the detriment of rank and file members and their families" (an understatement if I ever heard one).

The CPPA endorsed Trump in 2016 becoming the first police union in the nation to do so. Loomis says:

There are more jobs available today across the country than there are workers to fill them, thanks in large part to President Trump’s tax cuts and his renegotiation of terrible trade agreements. But despite rising wages, long term economic growth, and record low unemployment, union leadership still clings to the very Democrats whose policies consistently destroyed union jobs for decades. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is one of them.

At the same time, the vast majority of rank and file union members see things differently. They know that President Trump has done more for union workers than the unions that are supposed to be looking out for workers.

Unfortunately, it’s been no surprise to me that unions are “endorsing” Senator Brown, despite his shortcomings. That’s what state and national unions force local unions to do, regardless of the will of the rank and file.

No matter how detrimental Democrats are for the workers they claim to represent, union leadership is so wedded to the Democrat Party that it turns a blind eye to the harm Democrat leaders such as Sherrod Brown inflict on Ohio union workers. But here is the little secret that no unionleader wants you to know: most of their rank-and-file members are never going to vote for Sherrod Brown.

They are never going to vote for a guy who insists that “There is no war on coal. Period.” They are never going to vote for a guy who champions fringe environmental policies over protecting Ohio workers. Nor will they vote for a guy who cares more about supporting sanctuary cities and open borders than protecting Ohio families.

And they are never going to vote for a guy who refuses to work with a president that continues to make life better for all workers and Ohioans.

Ohio’s rank and file union workers are excited about the opportunities that President Trump and his allies are offering to them and their families. That’s why they enthusiastically support Jim Renacci — and will turn out to vote for him on November 6th.

Loomis points out that while Sherrod Brown is running around bragging about his union support, "rank-and-file union members and their families see directly through his false camaraderie. Unlike their bosses, union members actually like and support the direction that President Trump is taking the country."

He predicts a heavy turnout to vote for Renacci among rank and file union members. We shall see. Renacci currently trails Brown by 16 points according to the RCP average.


A scary situation at Fox 5 in D.C. today:

Predictably, the internet quickly weighed in before any facts have been released about the suspect or his motives.

So #WontBeErased is trending on Twitter, apparently trying to claim that transgender people are being "erased" in America.

But wait just a minute: