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Mitch McConnell was assaulted at a restaurant ho-hum.

TMZ got the story and the video. It would go without saying if it weren't important to say, but...

Are they waiting for someone to get shot over their politi... oh right. It didn't matter to them.


Breaking ...

Jamal Khashoggi died during what is being described by various news sources as either a “fistfight,” "alterction," or "interrogation gone bad," inside Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul.



GOP campaigns are reporting a huge uptick in stolen yard signs this year.

Yes, every year yard signs are reported stolen on both sides, as politics seems to bring out the worst in people.

It seems to me, however, that more Republicans signs are being targeted than than Democrat signs -- with the possible exception of Texas this year, where a lot of Beto signs are also being stolen.


Click through to see some mighty brilliant responses, especially the meaningless corporate-talk answers.

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time for folks to start thinking about their candy game. "Kids judge you by the candy you give out," according to Which candy-giving category are you in?

We live in a house with a long driveway in a neighborhood where there aren't a lot of kids. My (now grown) kids used to go to other neighborhoods to do their trick-or-treating because the houses in our neighborhood are too far apart, and not worth the effort when half the people aren't even home.  But we're still "trusty providers" with a bowl of fun-sized treats waiting for at least a few much-desired trick-or-treaters (who never come).

Anything to avoid being "the Spaz." Basic honor and dignity prevents most people from being "the Spaz" or "CheapyMcCheapFace" on Halloween. Fear of getting egged or TP'd is a good motivator too. People should think twice before giving a kid a single Pixie Stick or Dum Dum.

Ain't nothing gonna stop a psychopath from giving out those heinous strawberry hard candies or circus peanuts though.