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My how times have changed:

This used to be what I said about the Democrats about 15 years ago. They were very good at playing the long game. They still are in some regards. For example, they pretty much use school boards as their farm system for grooming politicians. Identity politics are what has gotten the Democratic party where they are now. They spent 8 years in an orgiastic frenzy over Barack Obama, swooning so hard that they didn't notice any down-ticket problems. Then they nominated the least likable candidate on the planet in 2016 and just assumed she'd win because HISTORIC. Their long game now consists of largely infeasible rehashed Bernie Sanders promises of freebies. All of their money is now on having a big win next month and they just spent the last month waking up the slumbering Republican electoral beast. The good news for the GOP is that as long as they aren't honest with themselves about the real reasons why they lost in 2016 they are unlikely to fix any of their problems soon.

Your nine-millionth "Kelly might resign" story of 2018:

The MSM has been "reporting" on a possible Kelly resignation almost from the moment he got the job. It's more "wishcasting as journalism" and the kind of thing that makes half the country hate the news media. He will, of course, eventually leave the job, at which point the idiot media will proclaim, "See-we told you!" in unison to justify this partisan hack stuff.

About this Kashoggi case:

Small children may not realize this but Adnan Kashoggi -- "journalist" Jamal's uncle -- was one of the most notorious arms dealers in the world. A very shady character.

Also of possible interest:


Let's hope this is just the NYT making stuff up again.

It's a start: