Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

PJM's Megan Fox (gentle and subdued as always) had a few things to say about Kathy Griffin and Jeopardy star Ken Jennings, both of whom are targeting Barron Trump:

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Later this afternoon Megan will have a response to Kathy Griffin's press conference in our Lifestyle section. I expect it to be gentle and subdued (ahem).

UPDATE: Here's the link. Megan writes that there are victims of this photo shoot, none of whom are Kathy Griffin:

The other victims are all of you. You Deplorables out there who support your president. Griffin wasn't just holding up Trump's head, she was holding up yours and mine. She exposed the truth of who the Left are and what they want in one photo. If you think they don't want this to end in bloody violence with them standing victorious and smeared in our blood, you're fooling yourself. Just visit Berkeley when some conservative is slated to speak and wear a #MAGA hat. If you make it out unbloodied it will be a miracle.