Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is not pleased with AG Sessions' directive to pursue the most severe charges possible in their criminal cases.

Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, released a statement asserting:

“Attorney General Sessions seems to have missed the memo that the War on Drugs is over. It has destroyed low-income communities and communities of color and has failed to make our country safer. Abandoning the Smart on Crime initiative will only perpetuate mass incarceration of poor, Black, and Brown people, the explosion of federal spending on prisons, and the mushrooming of our federal prison population."

Is the war on drugs over? I'm not referring to the WAR ON DRUGS. I mean we have a serious opioid epidemic in the country so criticizing efforts to get serious with big-time drug dealers who are destroying our communities seems tone deaf at the moment.

Henderson goes on:

"It is abundantly clear that this Justice Department is out of touch with reality. America’s drug problem is a public health crisis, not a criminal one. The federal government should be following the lead of states that have recognized that mandatory minimum sentences will not keep us safe and begun exploring alternatives to incarceration. It is incumbent upon policymakers across the political spectrum who claim to support reform to decry this plan and work to pass bi-partisan legislation.”

What is a public health crisis and what is its solution if it doesn't include the deterrence, punishment and removal of the individuals responsible for pushing this poison and facilitating the purchase of lethal drugs?