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Friday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.


Gun-grabbing ghouls on Twitter are doing their usual demagoguing against AR-15s in the wake of the school shooting in Texas, but the shooter apparently used a shotgun and revolver he stole from his father ...



We were told that the President's pro-life stance during the election was just fake posturing to attract social cons, and you'd have to be a naive rube to believe it.


Notes from the Twitter Gulag; Day 3

I keep updating everyone because I think it's important we not roll over for the leftist speech haters.

I've jumped through Twitter's complaint procedure hoops, but doubt I will hear anything. PJ Media's Bridget Johnson never got a word out of them in the three months they had her shut down. I didn't even get an autoreply email saying that they had received my inquiry ticket. Those are so commonplace now that I really get the feeling that they don't look at these right away, if at all.

There aren't any reference points for me in dealing with this, as I am not suspended. I hadn't heard of the "restricted" action until this week and don't know anyone else who has dealt with it yet.

Lastly, I miss MySpace.

It's pretty amazing how much the Deep State/MSM messaging on the Russia probe has evolved over the past year and a half.