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Friday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

There are reports coming in of two school shootings in the L.A. area, but details are still sketchy:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was reportedly close to resigning after Trump yelled at her at a cabinet meeting.

ABC News:

The president lashed out at other Cabinet members at the White House meeting as well, but the source said Trump's harshest comments were directed at Nielsen.

The president's anger was stoked by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who remarked that the Department of Homeland Security could just arrest people at the border, the source said.

"Sessions sold her down the river," the source said.

DHS oversees U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Nielsen recently worked with state governors to send contingents of National Guard troops to help secure the border after Trump called for them to do so.

The New York Times, which first reported Thursday afternoon that Trump had berated Nielsen, said that she had told colleagues she was close to resigning, citing several current and former officials familiar with the episode. The Times reported two of them said Nielsen had drafted a resignation letter but had not submitted it.

I'm sorry Nielson's feelings got hurt and she felt embarrassed by a presidential pasting in public, but holy mother! What the hell else should she expect? Trump has been sneering, belittling, berating, castigating, and insulting aides both major and minor since before he got to the White House. What the hell else was this woman expecting?

In the immortal words of Yoda, "Do or do not, there is no try."  Anyone who threatens to resign and doesn't is a coward.

Rudy's a savage:

During a phone interview with Business Insider, Giuliani said he wouldn't debate Avenatti because the lawyer was "pimping for money."

"I don't get involved with pimps," Giuliani said. "The media loves to give him room because he makes these roundabout charges and they turn out to mean nothing. I think he's going to get himself in serious trouble."



The world's dumbest mom and dad thought it would be a good idea to get out of their car at a park safari -- with kids in tow  -- and get a closer look at the cheetahs. Yes CHEETAHS.

This happened in the Dutch city of Tilburg, according to Fox News. At first the big cats seemed surprised by their stupidity. Then later on, they decided that their toddler looked like prey.

Fox News bleeped out the the profanities uttered by the driver of the car behind them, who repeatedly exclaimed, "what the f*ck?!"

Thank God, everything turned out okay.



Another winner from the Bee:

This is hilarious satire that, of course, really isn't too far off the mark as far as the way intersectional social justice warrior lunatic leftists behave these days.

Here are a couple of examples to whet your appetite for the whole post:

Let’s bravely call these decades-old shows out for the oppressive, problematic stereotypes they portray. We have got to do better.

Golden Girls – What was once wholesome, family-friendly entertainment is now exposed for what it really is: a cisnormative, transphobic cesspool, suggesting that only those born as women could possibly be called “girls.” Avoid at all costs.

Look for a leftist to run with this next one as realistic any time now:

Elmo’s World – Through the many seasons of this popular show, Elmo’s friend Oscar was never able to move out of his trash-can home, promoting unacceptable wealth inequality to our nation’s youth.

This may be my fave:

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross – This ableist propaganda outright assumes everyone has fingers, hands, arms, and eyes with which to paint a picture. DO BETTER.

"We don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents."

Have a great weekend.