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Heads up:

More from O'Keefe today via a Project Veritas email:

The unwitting star of our imminent upcoming video has a banner behind him in his office that preaches the EXACT opposite of what he is practicing, while shattering many conceptions about the institution he represents.

In the hidden camera video, the organization’s president, who also has a PhD, says, "I need to know the truth, so that we can bend the truth."

The late Andrew Breitbart would often remind me that, "Politics is downstream from culture."

Could the entertainment industry be the next stop on the American Pravda tour?


The site is great every day but the Bee seems to really hit one out of the park every Friday:

I end up agreeing with one of the libs at The Atlantic about once a month:

When Lois Lerner was pleading the Fifth back in the day libs were hailing it as a way to avoid being railroaded by a fake investigation. Everything old is new again.

I'll just leave this right here:

Parkland High School officials are investigating allegations that a teacher compared pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv to "Hitler" and called him "dangerous" in class.  PJ Media covered the shocking story on Wednesday.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School American history teacher Gregory Pittman had been arguing with Kashuv and other 2nd Amendment supporters on Twitter  before he allegedly brought the dispute to class.

Via Fox News:

A junior who witnessed the rant told Fox News that Pittman “was a bit angry” and launched into a tirade Wednesday during the last 10 minutes of class after one student brought up the Twitter exchange.

“It was basically a hate fest,” the student said. “They were just saying means things about Kyle. He talked about how he was right, and how Kyle was making an ass of himself. He did say he 'was the Hitler type.' I don’t really know what that means exactly, but I think he was just being crazy.”

The teacher allegedly also called Kashuv “dangerous.”

“School leaders take all matters involving students and staff seriously,” Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman Nadine Drew told Fox News. “They are aware of the allegations and are looking into the matter.”

As I noted here at Hot Mic yesterday, it is outrageous for a high school teacher to be attacking a student like that behind his back in front of other students. If an investigation finds he did just that, he shouldn't merely be reprimanded. He should lose his job.

It's bad enough that left-wing teachers feel the need to propagandize in class -- we've all come to expect that.

But now they're actively trying to demonize conservative students in front of their peers because they don't toe the liberal line?