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Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

The DOJ IG report on fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe not only found that he lied to two FBI agents under oath, the IG, and Comey about leaks to the WSJ --  he actually reprimanded two FBI executives for the leaks he had authorized!

From the report: 

Two FBI Executives, NY-ADIC and the then-Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Division (“W-ADIC”), told us that they each received calls

from McCabe admonishing them for leaks contained in the October 30 WSJ article about the CF Investigation. At no time did McCabe disclose to either of them that McCabe had authorized Special Counsel to disclose information about the CF Investigation to the WSJ reporter.

This is the guy John Brennan, Obama's dirty CIA director, defended after he was fired.

Former CIA Director John Brennan slammed President Trump on Saturday for firing Andrew McCabe days before being eligible for a lifetime pension, suggesting the president is a “demagogue” headed for the “dustbin of history.”