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McCabe's lawyers have weighed in on the DOJ IG's report and oh, the irony!:

Is the Left finally coming to grips with the calamity of Barack Hussein Obama?

It becomes clearer every day that Barack Obama, a historic president, presided over a somewhat less than historic presidency. With only one major legislative achievement (Obamacare)—and a fragile one at that—the legacy of Obama’s presidency mainly rests on its tremendous symbolic importance and the fate of a patchwork of executive actions.

How much of that was due to fate and how much was due to Obama’s own shortcomings as a politician is up for debate and is a question that emerges from Princeton historian Julian Zelizer’s new edited volume, The Presidency of Barack Obama.

With contributions from seventeen historians, the book bills itself as “a first historical assessment” of the Obama presidency. The overwhelming consensus, Zelizer writes, is that Obama “turned out to be a very effective policymaker but not a tremendously successful party builder.” This “defining paradox of Obama’s presidency” comes up again and again: the historians, by and large, approve of Obama’s policies (although some find them too timid) while they lament his politics.

"Overwhelming consensus." What policies? Libya? Climate change? Obamacare? Syria? Meanwhile, President I, Me, Mine was not a successful party builder? Do tell:

The politics were pretty disastrous. As Zelizer summarizes, “During his presidency, even as he enjoyed reelection and strong approval ratings toward the end of this term, the Democratic Party suffered greatly. . . . Democrats lost more than one thousand seats in state legislatures, governors’ mansions, and Congress during his time in office.” Zelizer could have gone further. According to Ballotpedia, more Democratic state legislative seats were lost under Obama than under any president in modern history.

Yet even with such political fallout, the overall tone of the book is surprisingly wistful.

"Yet"? They were in love with him then and they'll always be in love with him.


Long-time figure of fun in the Intelligence Community John Brennan opens his big mouth again:

Former CIA Director John Brennan on Friday went after President Trumpover his attacks on former FBI Director James Comey, tweeting that Trump’s “kakistocracy is collapsing after its lamentable journey.”

“As the greatest Nation history has known, we have the opportunity to emerge from this nightmare stronger & more committed to ensuring a better life for all Americans, including those you have so tragically deceived,” Brennan tweeted at Trump.

A kakistocracy is a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. Brennan has been a regular critic of Trump, warning last month that lawmakers who protect him will face "a reckoning."

Brennan, the worst CIA director in history, is long overdue for his.


The DOJ IG report on fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe not only found that he lied to two FBI agents under oath, the IG, and Comey about leaks to the WSJ --  he actually reprimanded two FBI executives for the leaks he had authorized!

From the report: 

Two FBI Executives, NY-ADIC and the then-Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Division (“W-ADIC”), told us that they each received calls

from McCabe admonishing them for leaks contained in the October 30 WSJ article about the CF Investigation. At no time did McCabe disclose to either of them that McCabe had authorized Special Counsel to disclose information about the CF Investigation to the WSJ reporter.

This is the guy John Brennan, Obama's dirty CIA director, defended after he was fired.

Former CIA Director John Brennan slammed President Trump on Saturday for firing Andrew McCabe days before being eligible for a lifetime pension, suggesting the president is a “demagogue” headed for the “dustbin of history.”

Just did a FB Live for the PJ Media page regarding lefty misery and Chick-fil-A: