Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC


I came around to Trump at the convention. Not for anything he did or said, but because I couldn't counter Ace of Spades' SCOTUS argument after Scalia died.

As a result, we got Gorsuch. In fact, we're getting an almost-radically reformed federal bench -- and that's great. No regrets there.

The rest? Not so good. Here's what I said on Election Night:

And here we are almost 16 months later, and we're all out of matches.

Now then, about that apology you're hoping for from Anne Coulter:

Nope, no contrition from Anne. Just an empty threat to join Mueller, who is more of a Swamp Thing than almost anyone you could name.

It's been a bad day, but my bride and I plan to finish it with strong drink and grilled meat. If you lived closer, I'd invite you to join us.