Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC



Are you wondering why'd they'd shoot themselves in the foot like this? A marketing whiz kid explains (as PJM's Megan Fox reported this morning):

But as Contently’s director of strategy Joe Lazauskas wrote after the 2016 presidential election, the benefits outweigh the potential downside: Even if publicizing your beliefs may ostracize some potential customers, it also builds deep loyalty for those who share your values—particularly values like celebrating equality and inclusion, which many people support, regardless of political affiliation. The same goes for expressing concern and support for the diverse people who work for you. Loyalty isn’t just a marketing metric; it’s also critical for measuring the internal health of your company.

And who exactly are they talking about here?

Millennials want to buy products from brands that uphold their own ideal self-image, and this often means aligning oneself with issues and causes that matter to them. This goes from proudly posting a selfie while wearing Patagonia outerwear to carrying The New Yorker totes that are taking over NYC streets and subway platforms. Millennials want people to see them and immediately know what they care about.

They don't care about what a bunch of 60-year-old NRA members think, they want the Millennials. Remember a dozen or so years ago when every last company in America (including the mom and pop shop down the street from you) got on the "sustainability" bandwagon. I dare you to find a company whose website doesn't include some boilerplate statement about their environmental policy. Same with "inclusive" hiring practices. Next, it will be guns. Look for companies to start featuring their restrictive gun policies on their home pages. The groupthink runs deep in corporate American, and it trickles down to small businesses in your hometown. Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it so they have to follow suit to stay competitive.

And this, dear readers, is how we are losing America—one crisis at a time.