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The tedious, knee-jerk #MeToo era you-know-what covering by Abrams is annoying enough. What's really ridiculous, however, is that someone that successful is letting the critics get to him at all. All entertainment is subjective. I certainly don't expect every member of every audience I perform for to get my sense of humor or like me. If they don't, I certainly don't start looking for blanket accusations I can hurl at them. And I'm not paid millions like Abrams is.

Put on your big boy pants, Sparky, and take the criticism like a pro.

The Bee is beating up on Joel Osteen today.

Seems like a sound reason to agree to attempt hurtling headfirst at 80 mph:

From The Daily Star:

And he revealed he only took up the skeleton after being challenged during a night of boozing at Bath University.

The ex-400m runner went along to try out the sport with his friend after being invited to a trial by British slider Adam Pengilly when they were at a barbecue.

Dom said: “I was feeling the effects of too much fun the night before, so sat out the sprint tests to nurse my head and feel sorry for myself.

“After a quick crash course on how to push the sled my hangover was forgotten.”

You kids out there: drink hard enough and you too may achieve Olympic glory.

I believe that's the lesson here.


I love any stories about baseball's real home run king. I remember Vin Scully telling one about how much pitchers would like to throw at Aaron back in the day. He'd get knocked down once or twice, get up, and get a hit anyway.

Oh, how I miss baseball.

Here's the full indictment from Deputy AG Rosenstein if you'd like to slog through it.

A few quick takeaways:

  • A grand jury has indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged interference in the 2016 election.
  • The goal of the Russians was "spreading distrust" about the 2016 candidates and about the American election system.
  • No alleged election tampering that altered the outcome of the presidential election.
  • Multiple instances of defendants falsifying identities to propagate their version of Operation Chaos.

PJM's Bridget Johnson will have more on this story today in the News and Politics section.

Internet Research Agency Indictment by PJ Media on Scribd