Friday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

They say this like it's a bad thing:

Mention environmental compliance regulations to almost any contractor in America and you run the risk of being caught up in an uncontrollable-but wholly justifiable-rage. It only got worse during the Obama years, when the EPA had unchecked power. Building codes that address safety concerns are one thing, but delaying a project to make sure that the local tufted titmouse population isn't inconvenienced is asinine.

When I'm interviewed and ask what I like about this administration my first response is always that I'm thrilled with continued focus on reducing the regulatory burden that liberals and moderate Republican legislators are so fond of placing on American business. Of course, liberals will invariably default to their "We're all gonna die!" nonsense whenever any reduction in regulation is discussed. In fact, that's how they first happened upon that talking point. If any regulatory rollback is mentioned, they go right to "REPUBLICANS DON'T WANT YOUR FOOD TO BE SAFE!" and then...everybody is dead.

A note -- there is no prediction more certain -- nor more useless -- than the stock market prediction "there will be a correction".

Prayers for this family...

Mention this the next time a progressive loon says we should be more like France:

I guess rioting over Nutella is one way to keep their minds off of the fact that their beloved country will one day soon be just a large terror cell.

These folks were appearing on CNN to ostensibly to discuss the latest developments in the Mueller probe, but the guest in the lower right corner didn't seem to get the memo. She looked annoyed and confused throughout the clip, finally blurting out near the end: "Why are you subjecting me to this?!"

"I'm sorry?" the surprised host Brooke Baldwin asked, before returning to her anti-Trump guest Walter Shaub.

Pretty crazy stuff:


Lawyer Elizabeth Lee Beck explains what happened: