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I like to give my last Hot Mic post on Fridays a non-political feeling when possible. This is pretty interesting:

There is a Twitter thread that follows which explains it a bit, but you know I think Twitter threads are the devil. Here is the full article.


Sigh -- now what?

No, this is not real -- but I bet they had you going there. Twitchy seems to think the White House was really trolling the media.

But no -- here's what really happened.


Paula, I did read that and I couldn't really argue with it. And you're completely correct about the Instant Pot being a bit intimidating at first. I have some friends who've had one for months and still have trepidation because they've never used a pressure cooker before. I hadn't either, and this trial run helped a lot:

Stephen, did you see the NYT story about the Instant Pot cult?

Truth be told, the headquarters of Instant Pot don’t look much like a church.

But inside this sterile, gray office building on the outskirts of Ottawa, behind a door marked only by a small metal sign, a new religion has been born.

Its deity is the Instant Pot, a line of electric multicookers that has become an internet phenomenon and inspired a legion of passionate foodies and home cooks. These devotees — they call themselves “Potheads” — use their Instant Pots for virtually every kitchen task imaginable: sautéing, pressure-cooking, steaming, even making yogurt and cheesecakes. Then, they evangelize on the internet, using social media to sing the gadget’s praises to the unconverted.

“Oh my goodness!” reads a fairly typical Amazon rave, one of more than 25,000 reviews on the site for the Instant Pot. “This is the best kitchen gadget to ever exist in the history of ever.”

An enthusiast in the Instant Pot Facebook group, which has more than 850,000 members, wrote “Using my Instant Pot has totally changed my life.” (Wirecutter, a New York Times Company, also recommended it as the best pressure cooker they’ve tested.)

The contraption (we call it "the robot") is pretty intimidating when you first take it out fo the box, but it's actually not that complicated. I've even experimented with freestyling -- going without a recipe -- and it's worked out fairly well.

Here's what I'm making for dinner tonight:

Thai Red Curry Chicken -- 25 minutes start to finish, including the 15-minute cook time.

Buy your Instant Pot here.

Um, OK.

I'd caution against reading the article, as any foray into the Opinion section of The New York Times can result in a loss of a few IQ points if you aren't paid to critique the media and have developed mental callouses for this stuff.

There seem to be two special counsel investigation going on, one more reality-based than the other. First, there is the partisan hack-fest that Michael has been chronicling so diligently.

Then there is the wishcasting orgy that the MSM is participating in, which has yielded almost nothing but breathless "Just wait!" hopefulness from them so far. They're getting excited again, because a NEW BOOK is out that says stuff they want it to say. It's also made them embrace a man they've spent a year calling an antisemitic loon but, hey, they need something to cling to.

This is classic media bias that predates Trump. The MSM makes an unsubstantiated claim ("He's crazy!) about a Republican, then relentlessly asserts that the burden of proof is on the person they're slandering.

They drive the narrative. Their hatred of Trump comes from the fact that he is one of the few Republican politicians who have ever been able to disrupt that.

Kick the NFL while they're (kneeling) down because they deserve it:

Also, that happens to be one of the most entertaining accounts to follow on all of Twitter, even if you're not a sports fan.

From the "It's All a Crapshoot and Your Genetics Probably Matter More" Dept:

More wheels coming off the Mueller "collusion" investigation, as the GOP finally wakes up to the realization that this entire hoax was cooked up the sore-loser Democrats, with the aid of rogue elements in the intelligence community and the corrupt media:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein spoke at  length Wednesday night, just hours before Nunes’  imposed midnight deadline on the Justice Department passed. Rosenstein not only agreed to provide all the documents requested, which include unreacted FBI interviews with witnesses, as well as, access to eight key FBI and DOJ witnesses but information on Andrew Weissmann, whose now a senior member of the special counsel.

Moreover, the committee notes that the Justice Department is “researching records related to the details of an April 2017 meeting between DOJ Attorney Andrew Weissmann (now the senior attorney for Special Counsel Robert Mueller) and the media, which will also be provided to this Committee by close of business on Thursday, January 11, 2018.” Weissmann, who is considered a top criminal prosecutor,  was described in a New York Times report as Mueller’s “legal Pit Bull.”

Robert Mueller has not even bothered to try and hide the partisan nature of his snipe hunt, relying on the media to constantly assure the public how respected and incorruptible he is. Let's see if that reputation survives the "collusion" investigation.

As I kick off 2018, I have joined a couple of cults: Instant Pot (which I started last summer, actually) and the ketogenic diet. Both are healthy but rather easy to be obsessive about, which I've quickly become (I'm a lonely shut-in).

The Instant Pot has saved me a small fortune. Older places like mine in West Los Angeles don't have adequate, if any, air conditioning and, contrary to popular belief, it does get hot here in the late summer. I'm a Tucson native, so please don't tell me I don't know what hot is. In the desert, we have modern technology to handle the heat. Anyway, my daughter and I would dine at restaurants a lot in the summer because my kitchen faces the setting sun and I just avoid it altogether. I purchased an Instant Pot (IP) in June and it probably paid for itself in a week with what we saved in L.A. restaurant dining.

The IP was one of the hottest Christmas gifts last year, so there are probably a lot of newbies out there trying to figure the thing out.

Lifehacker has a couple of helpful posts for all of you. First, here's a handy guide to all of the stuff on the IP's control panel.

While I complain a lot about Facebook, its groups are still good for things like these little food cults. Lifehacker has that covered too:


Good question:

Supporters of California’s newly-minted status as a sanctuary state for illegal aliens have predictably hailed the move as an act of compassion. However, it’s time to call this what it truly is: an act of rebellion by a state against the authority of the federal government that will endanger the lives of law enforcement officials and California residents.

Make no mistake, word of this law will spread quickly in the illegal alien community and make California the nation’s most popular destination for illegal aliens. The result is likely to be an even larger influx of illegal aliens. Among that population will be those who will commit violent crimes. That means more Californians will meet the same fate as Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw II: killed by an illegal alien who was drawn to their communities by sanctuary policies.

The immediate result of SB 54 is a growing state of hostility between California and the federal government. Today in the state there is a quixotic but ambitious movement to have California secede from the union. By committing a brazen act of defiance against federal law, California’s elected leaders have declared that e pluribus unum no longer applies on the left coast.

As I wrote yesterday at American Greatness, the "sanctuary state" law is an act of open rebellion against the federal government, and needs to be dealt with that way:

Let’s be as clear about this as we possibly can: not since South Carolina fired on Fort Sumter, thus precipitating Southern secession and the Civil War, has any state of the Union so brazenly thumbed its nose at the federal government. (And not just on immigration; California also just became the largest state to legalize marijuana, setting up a separate but no less serious conflict with federal drug laws.) And, once again, it’s Democrats who are doing the thumbing.

Time for attorney general Jeff Sessions to wake from his long, Russian-induced slumber and get to work.