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Friday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

Thanks, Steve!

But no worries - forget NRO. We can start our own cruise.  I've always wanted to see the coast of Turkey, but the way Erdogan is acting I don't know.  And no Sweden, I'm afraid.  I actually was on one last summer for Hillsdale that took us there.  The Swedish tour drivers whisked us by Malmo.  I guess they want to pretend it's not there.  Good luck with that.  Anyway we'll find a place.  Too bad the Czech Republic is land locked.  It may be the only sane place left.


One of the repeated refrains from the Left in recent years is a variation on the likelihood of dying from a terror attack. The reason that likelihood is low is because so many Americans are working around the clock and all over the planet to make sure it is kept low. In the tiny liberal mind, terrorism is just magically not happening (even though it really is). They never account for the security services working domestically or the troops deployed around the world to protect us from the thread if Islamic terrorism. Kudos to the FBI here.


Can't wait to hear what the echo chamber has to say about this.


Well, I guess I won't be invited to speak on any National Review cruises after this tweet in response to Charles Cooke's ridiculous attack on Roger's column:

Um, not on my list:

I won't even uncover the camera on my computer. There are days where I'm tempted to ditch my smart phone for a burner flip phone that has a number I only give to five people. I can't foresee a day where I will voluntarily turn my DNA over to a database. I'm researching my family tree the "old fashioned" way: giving money to Ancestry.com every month and poring through records.