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Friday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for today.


I hope they keep telling themselves things like this.

Democrats have been breathlessly awaiting a special election victory that they could read too much into for a while now. If they want to see this as more than simply the Republicans having nominated a paste-eating liability then they won't be learning any lessons soon. There are no big takeaways from last Tuesday other than Roy Moore was an awful candidate. If we're lucky, the Democrats will keep thinking otherwise.

Just gonna leave this here.


More from Deadline:

Many of the victims in Hollywood’s ever-widening sexual harassment and assault scandal are members of SAG-AFTRA, but many of the alleged perpetrators are members of the union as well. Which raises the question: Will the union take action to expel them, as the DGA and the Producers Guild did with Harvey Weinstein?

In 2009, before its merger with AFTRA, the Screen Actors Guild suspended the membership of actor Seymour Cassel for two years after the board of directors found that he’d engaged in “conduct unbecoming a member” for the “sexual harassment” of three of the union’s female staffers at a guild town hall meeting.

In those days, Article XIV of the SAG constitution, which governed the discipline of members, allowed the board to suspend or expel members who engaged in the “sexual harassment” of members or staffers on the grounds that it was “conduct unbecoming a member.” After the merger in 2012, however, the constitution was changed: It no longer contains the words “sexual harassment” or “conduct unbecoming a member.”

It is now obvious that this has been a problem in Hollywood for a very long time. Given how high up the scandal goes it probably isn't too far-fetched to wonder if some power brokers were behind the change in the wording of the rules. Six months ago that may have seemed like a stretch. Now, in the immortal words of Jane's Addiction, nothing's shocking.

I dunno. People who think Trump is out to kill them come to mind.