Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

While Colin Kaepernick keeps getting in the news for all the annoying reasons, it's good to occasionally see some NFL news that doesn't make you want to throw things.

From Business Insider:

The Minnesota Vikings' 30-23 win over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving was a big one for Minnesota. But for linebacker Everson Griffen, the day was memorable for a completely different reason.

Ahead of the game, Griffen's wife went into labor, prompting Griffen to watch the birth of his son over FaceTime.

"Seven pounds, 2 ounces, born right before the game, so I was doing my warm-up watching the birth on FaceTime," Griffen said after the game. "So wife is healthy, baby is healthy, we don't know his name yet, but it's not about that. I'm happy to have a new addition — three boys. I don't know what my wife is going to do. It'll drive her crazy. But we're 9-2, and it feels good winning."

After the game, Griffen decided to have some fun and crowdsource the new baby's name:

No word yet on what his wife thought about that.

Name suggestions can be left on Griffen's Twitter page: @EversonGriffen