Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

Wesley Smith, over at National Review's The Corner, notes the Left attacking as "anti-abortion" a woman who supports Planned Parenthood, but also voted for an ultrasound law.

Did you get that? Politico’s reporter, Elana Schor brands the very pro-choice [Heath] Mello–who has expressed strong support for Planned Parenthood–”anti-abortion” because he supported a bill that required abortionists to tell women they have a right to receive information that could impact their decision.

The Hilldeployed the same (for them) epithet to describe Mello,as did NPR

Notice that Mello did not support a bill that would in any way restrict access to abortion. Still, the usual suspects have had a conniption, joined by the abortion lobby’s mainstream media camp followers. That’s not “pro-choice.” It’s pro-abortion. And it explains why the pro-life Democrat has become a more endangered species than the California condor.

Even pro-abortion Democrats will be labeled as "anti-abortion," if they support laws which require notifying a woman of her right to get a fetal ultrasound before an abortion.

By the way, this was just another snafu in a wonderful Democratic unity tour so far. Keep up the good work!