Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

Hey, speaking of Lawrence O'Donnell -- they finally found out who was causing all the hammering noises.

Unlike others here at Hot Mic, I do not take pleasure in Megyn Kelly's downfall. She went from being a razor-sharp, legal-minded ice queen who made guests squirm under her steely gaze, to a daytime, schmaltzy, feel-good Oprah wannabee who likes to dance with the audience. What happened?!

I thought she did a great job on The Kelly File and was sad to see her leave Fox. Yes, really.

I never blamed her for asking that question of Donald Trump at the Fox News primary debate. It was a natural question that someone was going to ask eventually -- better during the primary season than during the general election season. I really don't get why some people on the right hate her so much. She's slightly more liberal than I am on certain issues -- but most people are.  Until she became anti- Trump, she was a powerful asset to the conservative side.

I just hope her next move will not be to The View -- as the token non-left-wing wacko host when Megan McCain eventually bails (and she will). That would really break my heart.