Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

A good friend of mine posted this on Facebook today:

Cop-killer Jennings shot three officers during an arrest stop in 1965, killing one officer and paralyzing two others, including Linda's father, Harold Wintrow. described the scene in a 2005 article:

A flash of gunfire was over in an instant, but it has been etched for 40 years in the minds of those affected.

As Akron police officer Frank Mancini prepared to handcuff Charles Jennings, a suspect in two service station robberies, Jennings grabbed Mancini’s gun and fired two shots. One killed Mancini’s partner, Eugene Hooper. The other paralyzed Mancini from the chest down.

Jennings then shot reserve officer Harold Wintrow three times in the back and hit him on the head with his nightstick when the gun jammed as he tried to shoot Wintrow in the head. Wintrow was paralyzed from the waist down.

Wintrow, who was armed only with a nightstick, died from an infection related to his paralysis in 1993.

Jennings was sentenced to life in prison but went before the parole board several times over the years seeking an early release. His next parole hearing was scheduled for 2019.

These hearings are agonizing for the survivors and their families. There's no real closure when your life is ripped apart by violence, but at least these families now have some peace of mind knowing that Jennings will never walk the streets again — and they won't have to endure the process and the sheer terror that goes along with the hearings.

This story brings into sharp focus the steep price many families pay to keep the rest of us safe. The Officer Down Memorial Page reports that 106 officers have been killed in the line of duty this year. You can read Reserve Officer Wintrow's obituary and tribute on that same site here.