Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

The Air Force colonel who was suspended and denied a promotion because he refused to sign an unofficial document recognizing the same-sex marriage of a retiring co-worker has been disappeared from the AF website:

Bohannon, who was awarded the Bronze Star for his service, simply asked another officer (a general) to sign the unofficial paper and the request was accommodated immediately. Nevertheless, the crybaby gay soldier filed a complaint claiming discrimination and the Air Force actually took him seriously. Poof! Just like that! An exemplary career in military service is erased from the record books. Here's the kind of soldier the Air Force is drumming out of the service in the name of diversity:

Col Bohannon has devoted more than two decades to the military service of his country. In that time he has flown over 3,300 flight hours, including combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Col Bohannon’s service has been exemplary, as evidenced by his many awards and decorations, including the Bronze Star, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and the Air Medal. Among Col Bohannon’s recent Officer Performance Reports (OPR), Brig Gen Kristen Goodwin ranked him her number one of eleven wing O-6s, and Lt Gen Gregory Biscone ranked him number one of thirty O-6s. In his most recent OPR—just five weeks prior to the incident in question—Lt Gen Anthony Rock ranked Col Bohannon in the top two percent of O-6s over his 35 years of service. And that was while Col Bohannon was serving as Commander of the Air Force Inspection Agency, where his duties included oversight of our nation’s Nuclear Surety Inspection program. In short, Col Bohannon has consistently been one of the Air Force’s top performers throughout his career.

Exit question: Why hasn't our commander in chief put an end to this nonsense?

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