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A little bit of help for weary Puerto Rico:

More from Mashable:

"Working with AT&T, Project Loon is now supporting basic communication and internet activities like sending text messages and accessing information online for some people with LTE enabled phones," explains the company in a blog post. "This is the first time we have used our new machine learning powered algorithms to keep balloons clustered over Puerto Rico, so we’re still learning how best to do this. As we get more familiar with the constantly shifting winds in this region, we hope to keep the balloons over areas where connectivity is needed for as long as possible."

Here's a video explaining Project Loon:

Hey, speaking of Lawrence O'Donnell -- they finally found out who was causing all the hammering noises.

Unlike others here at Hot Mic, I do not take pleasure in Megyn Kelly's downfall. She went from being a razor-sharp, legal-minded ice queen who made guests squirm under her steely gaze, to a daytime, schmaltzy, feel-good Oprah wannabee who likes to dance with the audience. What happened?!

I thought she did a great job on The Kelly File and was sad to see her leave Fox. Yes, really.

I never blamed her for asking that question of Donald Trump at the Fox News primary debate. It was a natural question that someone was going to ask eventually -- better during the primary season than during the general election season. I really don't get why some people on the right hate her so much. She's slightly more liberal than I am on certain issues -- but most people are.  Until she became anti- Trump, she was a powerful asset to the conservative side.

I just hope her next move will not be to The View -- as the token non-left-wing wacko host when Megan McCain eventually bails (and she will). That would really break my heart.



MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell is whitesplaining some things.

From Fox News Insider:

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell accused Gen. John Kelly of "dehumanizing" Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), and blamed it on his upbringing in an Irish-Catholic Boston neighborhood.

O'Donnell, who noted he also hails from a similar part of Boston, said Kelly was raised in Oak Square, Brighton.

Larry's deep thinker point is that, since Kelly grew up in Boston during segregation he's totally not used to being around people of color. What O'Donnell doesn't get into is the fact that Kelly spent forty-six years in the Marines. The American military isn't exactly a hotbed of segregated racial angst. Quite the opposite, in fact.

What O'Donnell is doing is a familiar leftist tactic now. A white male can't disagree with females or persons of color, according to Dem media and social justice warrior rules. We're sexist, racist, or both if we do.

Of course that's not true, but none of the leftist playbook is based on truth, or reality.


More from ABC News:

Facing a tense security situation at home and few apparent repercussions in the U.S., dozens of Afghan soldiers and security personnel who came to the U.S. for training have gone AWOL -- and the number is increasing, according to the latest report from government's oversight group for Afghanistan.

Hundreds of Afghan troops helping to fight the Taliban in their country train in the U.S. each year, and last year 13 percent of them went missing, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR.

That's double the historical average of 6 percent for Afghan troops over the last 12 years, and far higher than the average desertion rate of 0.07 percent for all foreign troops training in the U.S.

U.S. officials expect that the number of Afghan troops going missing to continue to climb.

Let 'em in, teach 'em how to kill, then lose 'em! Heck of a plan.

Naturally, this is a cause for consternation:

U.S. immigration officials meanwhile have some concerns about AWOL trainees posing a danger in this country. The Afghan soldiers who have gone missing in the U.S. are considered "high risk" by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) counterterrorism unit because they came into the country with more limited vetting than other visitors and they are military-trained individuals of a fighting age. Moreover, the trainees by going AWOL have demonstrated a "flight risk" and shown little or no concern about possible arrest and detention.

What a marvelous time to have several large cities, along with the entire state of California, making it difficult for immigration authorities to do their jobs. People who want to disappear know exactly where to go to do so, as sanctuary cities never shut up about how welcoming they are to lawbreakers.

A good friend of mine posted this on Facebook today:

Cop-killer Jennings shot three officers during an arrest stop in 1965, killing one officer and paralyzing two others, including Linda's father, Harold Wintrow. described the scene in a 2005 article:

A flash of gunfire was over in an instant, but it has been etched for 40 years in the minds of those affected.

As Akron police officer Frank Mancini prepared to handcuff Charles Jennings, a suspect in two service station robberies, Jennings grabbed Mancini’s gun and fired two shots. One killed Mancini’s partner, Eugene Hooper. The other paralyzed Mancini from the chest down.

Jennings then shot reserve officer Harold Wintrow three times in the back and hit him on the head with his nightstick when the gun jammed as he tried to shoot Wintrow in the head. Wintrow was paralyzed from the waist down.

Wintrow, who was armed only with a nightstick, died from an infection related to his paralysis in 1993.

Jennings was sentenced to life in prison but went before the parole board several times over the years seeking an early release. His next parole hearing was scheduled for 2019.

These hearings are agonizing for the survivors and their families. There's no real closure when your life is ripped apart by violence, but at least these families now have some peace of mind knowing that Jennings will never walk the streets again — and they won't have to endure the process and the sheer terror that goes along with the hearings.

This story brings into sharp focus the steep price many families pay to keep the rest of us safe. The Officer Down Memorial Page reports that 106 officers have been killed in the line of duty this year. You can read Reserve Officer Wintrow's obituary and tribute on that same site here.

And now for some lighter news:

Here's a screen shot from KFC's Twitter page showing exactly which "Herbs" and "Spices" the company is following

ABC News explains:

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) follows six men named "Herb" and 5 "Spice" girls from the all-girl British pop group in what appears to be an ode to the company's original-recipe blend of 11 herbs and spices.


Another look at Robert Mueller's squeaky clean image may be in order.

From Fox News:

Harvey Silverglate, a criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts, wrote an opinion piece accusing Mueller of once trying to entrap him when Mueller was acting U.S. attorney in Boston.

“I have known Mueller during key moments of his career as a federal prosecutor,” Silverglate wrote for WGBH News. “My experience has taught me to approach whatever he does in the Trump investigation with a requisite degree of skepticism or, at the very least, extreme caution.”

According to Silverglate, Mueller once sent someone into Silverglate's office offering to give false testimony for a client. Silverglate said he turned the offer down and noticed the man was wearing a wire.

“Years later I ran into Mueller, and I told him of my disappointment in being the target of a sting where there was no reason to think that I would knowingly present perjured evidence to a court,” Silverglate wrote. “Mueller, half-apologetically, told me that he never really thought that I would suborn perjury, but that he had a duty to pursue the lead given to him.”

Another attorney wrote an op-ed titled:

“Judging by Mueller's staffing choices, he may not be very interested in justice.”

The more we get to know about James Comey, the less honorable he seems, so it wouldn't be too shocking to discover that Mueller also has some less-than-desirable professional habits.

Since everything has to be a conspiracy these days it's a safe bet that people will accuse the White House of being behind the effort to get this negative Mueller publicity into the public conversation. It's also not outlandish to think it's true.

This call from President Trump to the widow of fallen soldier Sgt. Mark de Alencar will wreck you for the day:

It humanizes Trump — perhaps to an extent we've never seen before as he tells Mrs. Alencar what a hero her husband was and inquires about her children. He encourages her to stop by the White House anytime she's in town. And Natasha de Alencar's courage is nothing short of inspiring as she talks about how blessed she is, even in the midst of the worst kind of loss imaginable.

Allahpundit notes: "One thing you might notice in the clip, though, is that Trump doesn’t use de Alencar’s name. Mrs. de Alencar apparently thought nothing of that but Myeshia Johnson allegedly took offense when he did the same thing with her husband."

After the call, she told an interviewer for WaPo that the call meant a lot to her family and that Trump just sounded like a "regular person." She added, "It was a moment of niceness that we needed because we were going through hell."

Here's to a lot more where that came from.

The Air Force colonel who was suspended and denied a promotion because he refused to sign an unofficial document recognizing the same-sex marriage of a retiring co-worker has been disappeared from the AF website:

Bohannon, who was awarded the Bronze Star for his service, simply asked another officer (a general) to sign the unofficial paper and the request was accommodated immediately. Nevertheless, the crybaby gay soldier filed a complaint claiming discrimination and the Air Force actually took him seriously. Poof! Just like that! An exemplary career in military service is erased from the record books. Here's the kind of soldier the Air Force is drumming out of the service in the name of diversity:

Col Bohannon has devoted more than two decades to the military service of his country. In that time he has flown over 3,300 flight hours, including combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Col Bohannon’s service has been exemplary, as evidenced by his many awards and decorations, including the Bronze Star, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and the Air Medal. Among Col Bohannon’s recent Officer Performance Reports (OPR), Brig Gen Kristen Goodwin ranked him her number one of eleven wing O-6s, and Lt Gen Gregory Biscone ranked him number one of thirty O-6s. In his most recent OPR—just five weeks prior to the incident in question—Lt Gen Anthony Rock ranked Col Bohannon in the top two percent of O-6s over his 35 years of service. And that was while Col Bohannon was serving as Commander of the Air Force Inspection Agency, where his duties included oversight of our nation’s Nuclear Surety Inspection program. In short, Col Bohannon has consistently been one of the Air Force’s top performers throughout his career.

Exit question: Why hasn't our commander in chief put an end to this nonsense?

Read the whole thing here.


I can't even:

Masha Gessen writes:

Consider this nightmare scenario: a military coup. You don’t have to strain your imagination—all you have to do is watch Thursday’s White House press briefing, in which the chief of staff, John Kelly, defended President Trump’s phone call to a military widow, Myeshia Johnson. The press briefing could serve as a preview of what a military coup in this country would look like, for it was in the logic of such a coup that Kelly advanced his four arguments...

Before walking off the stage, Kelly told Americans who haven’t served in the military that he pities them. “We don’t look down upon those of you who haven’t served,” he said. “In fact, in a way we are a little bit sorry because you’ll have never have experienced the wonderful joy you get in your heart when you do the kinds of things our servicemen and women do—not for any other reason than that they love this country.”

When Kelly replaced the ineffectual Reince Priebus as the chief of staff, a sigh of relief emerged: at least the general would impose some discipline on the Administration. Now we have a sense of what military discipline in the White House sounds like.

The vicious, satanic Left knows absolutely nothing -- and cares less -- about the military, the Marine Corps, or the chain of command. It's time to start exposing them for what they really are: deeply, irremediably anti-American.