Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

Caleb Howe writes about the lecherous Harvey Weinstein and the liberal problem at RedState:

He has ample reason to think [he will get away with it]. The peasants are as forgiving of the gods as the gods themselves. Time and again, being a somebody in Hollywood has meant total immunity against charges of chauvinism, misogyny, or sexual misconduct. Indeed, it is that immunity that is the operating basis for his thirty years of uninterrupted lechery. The fear of crossing him, the pressure to conform to Hollywood’s norms, and the simply dynamic of authority are the means by which he practiced his harm.

The list of examples is familiar: Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Al Gore …

It’s not just a Hollywood expectation, though, it’s separately a liberal one. Bill Clinton is the obvious example. Ted Kennedy. It’s worth it to allow a little rape and murder if you vote the right way.


Not to say he isn’t trying to deny specific allegations, because he definitely is according to his lawyer Lisa Bloom. She’s a fiercely feminist lawyer, by the way, specializing in sexual harassment. You may recognize her name; she was instrumental in bringing down Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment charges.

But Bill doesn’t vote the right way. Weinstein is “directing his anger” at the NRA.

See? It’s already working.

Because he’s not a predator, you see. He’s a liberal. And those are mutually exclusive concepts. That’s what Weinstein thinks. How many others will agree?

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