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The world is impossible to parody but, bless The Onion's heart, it keeps doing it.



More from Politico:

An explosive allegation from prominent Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg last week is sparking a new wave of criticism and recriminations about Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The charge — that the campaign went the final three weeks of last year’s presidential election without polling the battleground states — amounts to an accusation of campaign negligence that resulted in Donald Trump’s election.

It’s laid bare the emotions still gripping many Democrats nearly 11 months after Clinton’s defeat. And it has exposed a simmering — and often generational — debate over the extent to which Democratic campaigns should rely on advanced, Obama-style analytics at the expense of more traditional methods. The Clinton campaign itself divided along these lines.

“Astonishingly, the 2016 Clinton campaign conducted no state polls in the final three weeks of the general election and relied primarily on data analytics to project turnout and the state vote,” Greenberg wrote in The American Prospect, published online late last week. “They paid little attention to qualitative focus groups or feedback from the field, and their brief daily poll didn’t measure which candidate was defining the election or getting people engaged.”

There is an alternative universe out there where people are gobbling up Hillary's litany of excuses for her loss.

Over here in reality, people who are honest with themselves and others all know that she lost because she was an arrogant candidate who felt entitled to the presidency and paid more attention to Beyonce than Wisconsin in the final days of the campaign.

If Greenberg's allegation is true-and he's winning the Occam's Razor battle in my book-it blows every pathetic excuse in Mrs. Clinton's book out of the water.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she's Hillary Clinton. Some day, honest historians will write that.

It's known simply as "The Catch" and is considered one of the greatest plays in the history of American sports.

On September 29, 1954, Game 1 of the World Series was being played between the Cleveland Indians and New York Giants at the old Polo Grounds in upper Manhattan. The cavernous ballpark was an oddity, even at that time. It was at least 475 feet to straightaway center field while it measured only 279 and 257 feet down the left and right field lines, respectively. Most ballparks today are only 400-410 feet to center field.

Patrolling center field for the Giants was the "Say Hey Kid" Willie Mays. Many baseball experts and non experts alike believe Mays was the greatest all-around player to ever play the game. He was a five-tool guy -- he could hit for average, hit for power, was one of the fastest players ever to play the game, had an arm like a cannon, and was considered the finest defensive center fielder of his era.

That late September afternoon, Mays made his case.

It was the top of the 8th inning with the score tied 2-2. Cleveland center fielder Larry Doby (the second black player in league history) wangled a walk from Giants pitcher Sal Maglie. Third baseman Al Rosen then singled Doby to second. Giants manager Leo "The Lip" Durocher had seen enough of the tiring Maglie and brought relief pitcher Don Liddle in from the bullpen.

To the plate stepped one of the most dangerous hitters in the American League, Vic Wertz. The Cleveland slugger worked the count to 2 balls and one strike when Liddle put a pitch right in Wertz's wheelhouse.

Wertz took a mighty swing and hit a screaming line drive to center field. Mays, who found it easier to go back on a ball than come forward, was playing very shallow. But at the crack of the bat he was off. What happened next is the stuff of legend.

Of significance here is that Dolby on second base was convinced Mays didn't have a chance of catching the ball so he was on his way to third base when the miracle happened. This forced him to go all the way back to second, tag up, and then move on to third. While some have criticized Doby for not scoring on the play (the ball was hit so deep that if Doby had tagged up right after Mays caught it he would have scored easily), he made the correct baseball play given the situation .

Liddle was replaced by Marv Grissom, who got out of the jam. The Giants won it in the 10th inning on a 3-run home run by pinch hitter Dusty Rhodes.

But watching that video reminds some of us that, at one time, baseball was king in America and the players were gods.

Twitter can still be fun:

Somebody in Hollywood has to make this train wreck come true:

Hillary's inner circle and the MSM have been celebrating her pathetic excuse anthology because they all lack the self-awareness to realize that it's humiliating her. She obviously lacks that too.

What I've been experiencing during Granny Maojacket's book tour transcends schadenfreude. Watching this thoroughly corrupt woman flailing about with one excuse after another has been must-see TV for me. No amount of maniacal cackling in front of friendly crowds can hide the fact that she is miserable. As a longtime loather of all things Clinton, this has brought me the few moments of joy I've experienced in recent months.

Whenever I see this frail, medicated (drunk?) woman hunched over in a chair for an interview, the Trump nonsense of the day matters not. I cannot imagine her being in charge and dealing with the various foreign policy nightmares that she and Barack Obama left behind.

The longer this book nonsense plays out, the better for America. It makes her miserable, and it keeps the Democrats from ever really identifying exactly "what happened" in 2016.