Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

Because Florida, of course.


Officials in Manatee County, Florida are under fire after an interpreter for the deaf warned about pizza and monsters during an emergency briefing related to Hurricane Irma.

The interpreter, Marshall Greene, is a lifeguard for the county whose brother is deaf, according to the DailyMoth, a video news site that provides information via American Sign Language. Greene was used as the interpreter for a Sept. 8 press conference regarding the incoming storm and possible evacuations.

Members of the deaf community said Greene mostly signed gibberish, referencing "pizza," "monsters," and using the phrase "help you at that time to use bear big," during the event. Other information signed to viewers was incomplete, experts said.

Let's hope that this was an honest mistake and maybe the guy was just buckling from the pressure of the situation. If not, this is really, really embarrassing.