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As promised:

I am going to do a Facebook Live video about this in a few minutes on the PJ Media page. HotAir reports that Berkeley is going to offer counseling for fragile students after Ben Shapiro speaks there.

Note: They’re not providing counseling for people traumatized by the *content* of Shapiro’s speech, which would be pitiful enough. They’re not providing counseling for people afraid that Antifa will burn down the campus, a not unreasonable worry. From what I can tell, they’re providing counseling for people traumatized by the mere fact that Shapiro is speaking on campus. Liberals must outnumber conservatives there on the order of a thousand to one and Shapiro himself is as mainstream and mild-mannered as conservative commentators come. But the thought of him defiling a Berkeley auditorium by critiquing leftism for two hours has the administration worried that some students might need actual psychological treatment afterward.

What is happening on college campuses now is almost beyond parody. Berkeley is the worst, as it still fancies itself as the birthplace of the free speech movement. Now it is saying that free speech is emotionally damaging.

They can't have it both ways, and this needs to be stopped.

Hurricane Irma is shutting down the Orlando theme parks. 

From Variety:

Florida’s Walt Disney World is closing for at least two days due to Hurricane Irma, shutting down early on Saturday and re-opening on Tuesday at the earliest.

“Resort hotels will remain open,” the theme park said on its website. “We hope to resume normal operations on Tuesday, September 12. We will provide regular updates to our guests on all operational changes.”

The Orlando park already closed its Blizzard Beach attraction on Friday. It said that its Friday “Night of Joy” event at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex would take place but that the Saturday event had been canceled.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon was closing early on Saturday at 5 p.m. and its Animal Kingdom is closing at 7 p.m. Epcot is closing at 9 p.m. Disney World also said its prepaid dining and premium experiences will be automatically canceled and refunded.

SeaWorld Orlando will also shut down early on Saturday and remain closed through Monday. Universal Studios Orlando will close at 7 p.m. on Saturday and remain closed on Sunday and Monday.

On the southeast coast of Florida, Miami looks like a post-apocalypse ghost town.

I feel your pain, as the man said, Debra, but publicists are not likely to help the morally narcissistic likes of Jennifer Lawrence. The real culprit here -- besides  the normal idiocy of actors -- is the break-up of the studio system that happened a long time ago, before Jennifer, Clooney, Penn and  the rest of the nauseating crew.  In the good old days the stars were under contract to the studios and an important part of their contracts said: no spouting off about politics!  The Warner Brothers, etc. were savvy enough to know you don't alienate half the audience. Our modern movie stars -- who are independent contractors now -- could give less of a damn.  It's someone else's money at stake -- these days often the Chinese. (Hey, there's something else we can ask the Chinese to clean up for us!) The last person to say anything would be the publicist.  Publicists are employees of the stars and would fired the moment they made such an untoward suggestion.  In fact, one of the new parasitical occupations in Hollywood are  people whose job it is to advise the stars on what (invariably left wing) cause they should donate to.  I bet you'd find a lot of movie money in SPLC's offshore accounts, if you tracked it back.

Jennifer Lawrence -- sweetie --  please please, please *take your publicist's advice and stop "weighing in" on political matters. You have many conservative fans who want to like you.

*I'm assuming she has a good publicist who has given this advice. If she hasn't, she should be fired.