HOT MIC: Traitor Chelsea Manning Won't Rule Out Run for Office

HOT MIC: Traitor Chelsea Manning Won't Rule Out Run for Office

From the Dept. of I Can't Even...

The island of Guam made rare headlines this week when North Korea, responding to blustery language from President Trump, threatened to fire four ballistic missiles into waters near the American territory’s shores. Some Guam residents told reporters that they worried what might happen if North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, were actually to follow through.

Um, I think the Norks started this whole thing, but whatever...

Scientists in Guam, however, say they have at least one other major threat in mind: climate change. “We know that it’s serious,” said Austin J. Shelton III, a marine biologist and the executive director of the Center for Island Sustainability at the University of Guam. “Some of the impacts are here, and a lot more are coming.”

Let's go to the settled science!

Like other Pacific islands, Guam may be affected in the coming decades as climate change prompts shifts in weather, temperature and oceanic acidity, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Experts said in interviews that the primary consequences may include people suffering heat stress because of an increase in heat waves, a rise in the intensity of tropical storms, and the damage or destruction of Guam’s exceptionally biodiverse coral reefs.

Okay, have we got all our monomaniacal tropes in this story? Trump, check.  Climate change, check. Biodiversity, check!  Good job, New York Times!