HOT MIC: Traitor Chelsea Manning Won't Rule Out Run for Office

HOT MIC: Traitor Chelsea Manning Won't Rule Out Run for Office

Newsweek's Nina Burleigh thinks it's "horrifying" that "the Trump women" wear high heels because by doing so, they are "playing into male stereotypes."

“Six months in, and the Trump women are well on their way to normalizing the footwear of the beauty pageant,” she seethed in her piece "MELANIA, IVANKA AND IVANA TRUMP WEAR HIGH HEELS, A SYMBOL OF EVERYTHING THAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND HORRIFYING ABOUT THEM" in as perfect a sampling of what passes as feminist thought as you'll find these days.

Just to be clear, high heels are BAD. They are demeaning and "play into male stereotypes."

But a female journalist offering to perform oral sex on a president (Bill Clinton) as a thank you for keeping abortion legal -- that's not bad; it's EMPOWERING.

Lena Dunham faking an orgasm likening voting to sex in a 2012 campaign ad supporting Barack Obama? That was ADORABLE -- not demeaning or playing into any stereotypes about ditzy liberal actresses at all.

A male traitor dressing up in a women's bathing suit and getting his picture splattered on front pages all over the nation? That's not an attempt at "normalizing" a psychological disorder. It's STUNNING AND BRAVE.

Yep, the state of modern feminism is really something to behold these days.

Oh -- I almost forgot to mention that the author of that truly demeaning Bill Clinton piece in July of 1998 was anti-high heel zealot Nina Burleigh herself.