Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

If at first you don't succeed...

Rep. Mark Meadows says another health care reform bill is on the way and this time, for sure...PRESTO!

Ooops. Wrong hat.

Washington Examiner:

"We continue to work on two different plans with our Senate colleagues," Meadows, R-N.C., told the Washington Examiner. "We will continue to do that over the next couple of weeks on a plan that can get to 51" votes in the Senate.

Meadows said he has talked to senators, including Graham, in the hours after this morning's failure to pass a "skinny" repeal bill, and the mood is "all hands on deck" to come up with a new deal.

"I believe we deliver, still, on healthcare," Meadows said. To suggest that everything is over is not understanding the dynamics going on right now in the Senate. It's not over."

Amendments sponsored by the four senators have yet to receive an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, which made them impossible to pass under special Senate rules that circumvent a Democratic filibuster.

Now there is time to get the information from CBO, Meadows said.

Cruz, of Texas, sponsored an amendment that would allow health insurers to offer a range of plans, which proponents believe would lower premiums, while Portman, of Ohio, offered a proposal to shore up Medicaid with additional federal spending to ensure low-income earners don't get shut out of healthcare. Graham, of South Carolina, and Cassidy, of Louisiana, have their own plan they are eager to try to pass, which would give states control of Obamacare dollars.

For God's sake, would someone please put Senate Republicans out of their misery? Meadows' ideas sound like a moderate substitute to the original failed Obamacare reform bill. This has about as much chance of succeeding as I do becoming the closer for the Chicago White Sox.

Face it. Health care reform won't pass until Republicans stop hating each other. With no party leader and a president who gets no respect (and whom no one fears), the total aimlessness of Republicans and the irrelevancy of the party will prevent any major legislation from passing.

If you thought Obamacare reform was tough, what do you think will happen when 10 different factions of Republicans start weighing in on tax reform? Or any other issue in the Trump agenda?

A Democratic takeover of the House is looking possible, when just a few short weeks ago it was a joke. That's the kind of disaster that might be the only way to bring the GOP together. Otherwise, it's every man for himself and throw the women and children out of the lifeboats.