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Lake breaking news this Friday evening:

Via Fox News: FUSION REFUSAL: Co-founder of firm behind Trump-Russia dossier to plead the Fifth:

Glenn Simpson, whose Fusion GPS firm has been tied to anti-Trump efforts and Russian lobbying, will not talk to lawmakers in response to a subpoena, his lawyer said Friday.

Previously at PJ Media: Interesting: Fusion GPS Co-Founder Refuses to Appear Before Senate Judiciary Committee

The committee listed Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, as a witness in the July 19 hearing, titled Oversight of the Justice Department’s (Non) Enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act: Lessons from the Obama Administration and Current Compliance Practices.

You think that Sean Spicer story was hot? That Sean Hannity story? Well, hold on to your hat:

O.J Simpson officially has his first post-prison job offer ... from a Nevada brothel who says they're willing to let the juice run loose all over their establishment. There's just one problem ... some of the working girls at the place have thrown a penalty flag, threatening to quit if O.J. is hired at their place of business.

TMZ Sports talked with Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada, and he told us he's got a position all ready for O.J. when he's released, which could be as early as October 1. Hof says O.J. would work as a greeter in the establishment, and be able to live on the premises of the ranch as long as he's employed.

"One of the conditions of a prisoner being granted parole is always having an established place to live and a job to go to, and I can offer O.J. both of those in a unique situation."

Nicole and Ron were unavailable for comment.

Oh, Myyyy

Fatah's Day of Rage against Israel continues:

Okay, this is fun.

There is now a Louis Mensch Tweet generator where you can submit a name and see what kind of lunacy she might come up with.

If you've ever wanted to be implicated in an evidence-free conspiracy with none of the repurcussions, you can use our generator below to generate a Louise Mensch-style tweet!

Simply put your name in the form below and let the madness begin- click "Generate!" again to see another.

I now have a small taste of what is like to get on the woman's bad side...

According to my sources, Debra Heine has confessed to sorcery.

The Texas Rangers - and I take no joy in reporting this - have ordered death, by drawing and quartering.

Yikes. I know she can be a little over the top, but drawing and quartering?!

It's worth noting that Scaramucci is the guy who forced CNN to retract and remove a story and fire three senior reporters.

And that he slyly referred to this while answering a CNN reporter's questions.

If you think this was just a one-off you'd be wrong:

If you think it's ok to celebrate a fellow human receiving a devastating diagnosis, then I'd suggest maybe some soul searching is in order. We like to pile on the left for their violent rhetoric, but sometimes our side is not much better.

So the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, is throwing gasoline on the Trump-Russia fire.

President Donald Trump may have held more meetings with Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit earlier this month, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday — but he shrugged off the importance of the encounters.

“They might have met even much more than just three times,” he told NBC News’ Keir Simmons in an exclusive interview, dismissing speculation about the leaders' meetings.

"Maybe they went to the toilet together," he joked.

Asked whether the two presidents had other conversations or met in the corridors of the G-20 meeting, Lavrov used the analogy of children mingling at a kindergarten.

“When you are bought [sic] by your parents to a kindergarten do you mix with the people who are waiting in the same room to start going to a classroom?” he asked.

He added: "I remember when I was in that position I did spend five or ten minutes in the kindergarten before they brought us to the classroom.”

Lavrov echoed the White House account of a third meeting between Trump and Putin during a social-dinner at the summit in Hamburg.

The other two meetings — one a scheduled bilateral meeting and another when the pair shared a handshake — had already been widely reported.

“After the dinner was over…I was not there…President Trump apparently went to pick up his wife and spent some minutes with President Putin…so what?” he said.

Can anyone doubt the Russian game? Russia hacks the DNC and Podesta seeming to favor Trump in the presidential election. Innocuous -- or otherwise -- meetings with Trump campaign people, including Donald Jr., are subsequently blown far out of proportion by the American media who are now being played by high-level Russian government officials -- including Putin and Lavrov -- to fan the flames of hysteria against Trump.

This is not Russia favoring Hillary or Trump. This is Russia sowing the seeds of chaos and division in America They're not interested as much in who is running America as they are in weakening the government and cleaving the country in two.

The American media has been Putin's willing partner is creating this terrible situation. They are being played by experts who have studied the American press for decades and are experts at misinformation, disinformation, and outright manipulation. In truth, the Russians didn't have to try very hard or be very subtle about it.

Whatever Putin wants to do in the near future -- invade the Baltics, pressure Eastern Europe, annex part of Ukraine -- the US will be too divided and weak to stop them.

For Putin: Mission accomplished.


NBC reports this almost as if it's an inconvenience: Sanders Says His Wife Did Nothing Wrong. What’s This About?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been getting asked a lot lately about something that happened seven years ago — a complicated 2010 land deal involving a small Vermont college run at the time by his wife, Jane.

The reason Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has been parrying reporters' questions is a reported federal probe into his wife's handling of the matter.

The story has only been in the news for a month now. Nice of them to finally pick it up and explain to their (in the dark) audience "what it's all about."

This is actually a huge improvement over their news blackout of the outrageous Fast and Furious scandal which they ignored for a full year and a half. NBC finally gave its audience a brief primer on the scandal the week before the House voted to hold then-Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for withholding documents -- because NBC's audience had been kept totally in the dark for 18 months.



♪ "I want to hold your hand." ♪

Here's President Donald Trump speaking to The New York Times' Maggie Haberman. (Kudos to The Washington Free Beacon's Matt Continetti for pointing this out.) The president is talking about French President Emmanuel Macron.

HABERMAN: He was very deferential to you. Very.

TRUMP: He's a great guy. Smart. Strong. Loves holding my hand.

HABERMAN: I've noticed.

TRUMP: People don't realize he loves holding my hand. And that's good, as far as that goes.


TRUMP: I mean, really. He's a very good person. And a tough guy, but look, he has to be. I think he is going to be a terrific president of France. But he does love holding my hand.

Your president, ladies and gentlemen: "He's a great guy. Smart. Strong. Loves holding my hand." If you're not rolling on the floor laughing, I don't know what's wrong with you.

Continetti has seven other great moments from the Times interview. In the meantime, I'll be watching this live performance of the Beatles in 1964, for no particular reason.