Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

The truth hurts, hon.

Bill Clinton To Certain Unnamed People: The Most Important Thing To Being President Is Knowing Why You Want To President.

Somebody's sleeping on the sofa tonight -- again.

Allahpundit has the story:

There’s no way this isn’t a shot at Hillary, right? A communicator as savvy as Bill can’t be oblivious to the fact that he’s stating the single most widely shared criticism of his wife’s candidacy here, that it had no message beyond “Trump is unfit” and “It’s her turn.” In fact, early on Team Hillary reportedly considered “It’s her turn” as a rallying cry for the campaign because “The candidate herself could not articulate vision for why she wanted to be president in calls and internal meetings with her staff.”

Imagine that. At a moment when the country was retching at the possibility of another Bush/Clinton election, Team Hillary was toying with making dynasticism the overt raison d’etre for her project.

I get the feeling Bill has no regrets about not having to share the White House with Hillary -- again. In fact, the happy couple reminds me most of Clark Kent and Superman, because you almost never see them both at the same time.