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And now, the happiest dog in the world.

If only there had been some way to see this coming.

Solar Eclipse Could Wipe Out 9,000 Megawatts of Power Supplies.


The eclipse set to darken skies next month threatens to sideline solar farms and rooftop panels in a wide swath of the U.S., wiping out enough power generation to supply about 7 million homes.

This rare event, during which the moon will completely obscure the sun, will cast a shadow along a 70-mile-wide (113-kilometer) corridor stretching from Oregon to South Carolina on Aug. 21. Based on a Bloomberg calculation of grid forecasts, more than 9,000 megawatts of solar power may go down. That’s the equivalent of about nine nuclear reactors.

The impact is a testament to the ninefold increase in solar installed in the U.S. since 2012 and highlights the risks associated with relying on an intermittent resource such as the sun for power. The onslaught of wind and solar resources is already regularly contributing to wild swings in power supplies across grids, sending wholesale electricity prices below zero on some days.

Before we understood little things like orbital mechanics and the Copernican solar system, humans lived in fear that unpredictable forces -- like a solar eclipse -- would plunge the world into darkness.

Leave it to our progressive friends to take primitive fears and turn them into modern reality.

The Progressive Left hates human beings, and hates human children most of all.

Full stop.

Adam Goldman from the New York Times KNOWS:

Seth Mandel is trying to crowdsource the answer ahead of the big reveal:

(Click through to the tweet...some of the guesses are wicked.)

In the end, I think Dan McLaughlin scooped him:

(It's an outrage that the Village People didn't make the cut.)

Who do you think it is?

I was in Moscow at the end of the U.S.S.R., and with the collapse of Soviet authority, one encountered  hordes of gangsters in the nightclubs and other nocturnal hangouts where fat guys with guns and leggy Slavic young women held court. So perhaps it's worth making this point:

Real Russians never considered these folks "Russian" at all. But of course the American media does.

Speaking of "Russians," this is worth keeping in mind. Most of the principals now named in this story are not Slavic Russians:


The truth hurts, hon.

Bill Clinton To Certain Unnamed People: The Most Important Thing To Being President Is Knowing Why You Want To President.

Somebody's sleeping on the sofa tonight -- again.

Allahpundit has the story:

There’s no way this isn’t a shot at Hillary, right? A communicator as savvy as Bill can’t be oblivious to the fact that he’s stating the single most widely shared criticism of his wife’s candidacy here, that it had no message beyond “Trump is unfit” and “It’s her turn.” In fact, early on Team Hillary reportedly considered “It’s her turn” as a rallying cry for the campaign because “The candidate herself could not articulate vision for why she wanted to be president in calls and internal meetings with her staff.”

Imagine that. At a moment when the country was retching at the possibility of another Bush/Clinton election, Team Hillary was toying with making dynasticism the overt raison d’etre for her project.

I get the feeling Bill has no regrets about not having to share the White House with Hillary -- again. In fact, the happy couple reminds me most of Clark Kent and Superman, because you almost never see them both at the same time.

There were five acid attacks in London overnight, highlighting an extremely disturbing trend in that city that has seen such assaults skyrocket in the last year.

Fox News:

Two teenagers, 15 and 16, were arrested Friday following an overnight swath of attacks in which men on mopeds injured several people by tossing a noxious substance in their faces.

At least one victim, a man in his 20s, was left with life-changing injuries, police said.

Similar high-profile attacks have been plaguing the British city in recent months. In one assault, a 25-year-old man is accused of throwing acid at an aspiring model and her cousin as they sat in their car.

The number of reported attacks using corrosive liquids rose from 261 in 2015 to 454 in 2016, London police said. Some appeared to be related to gang activity or the theft of cars and motorbikes.

Most notably, in April, two people were left partially blinded after acid was sprayed at a crowded east London nightclub. A man has been charged and is awaiting trial.

The use of acid in attacks has even spread to children as young as 12 who have been arming themselves with substances "for self-defense."

Heat Street reported in April that students are using acid because it’s much easier to conceal than a knife, with some even placing the liquid in a water bottle. Gang culture has been blamed for the spike in schools.

“A lot of people ain’t got the heart to stab people,” a student told The Sun. “It’s just easier to squirt someone.”

If the attacks are gang related, you know it's just a matter of time before it starts happening here. All that's needed are a ready supply of acid for sale and street thugs with no conscience and no humanity. (See Chicago, New York, Baltimore, etc.) The acid is relatively cheap (less than $20 a liter) and can be bought at any lab supply outlet or online through Amazon.

Some of these attacks in England appear to be random, which makes the phenomenon all the more terrifying. Perhaps the U.S. should also be looking to restrict the sale of acid, as we restrict the sale of some over-the-counter medications used in the making of crystal meth.

Guns will still be the preferred method of warfare for gangs, but you can imagine acid being used as a weapon of intimidation and even revenge.


It's not a comeback if he never left.

Obama makes his comeback as he headlines major Democratic fundraiser at private DC home attended by heavyweights Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi.

"Heavyweights." Heh. Irony isn't often lost on the Daily Mail.

The latest developments in RussiaGate are...intriguing....

Yes. Curious. Hmmmmm!