Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

The Golden State isn't giving up on guns despite the Democrat Overlords wishing we would.

A group of Second Amendment advocates is moving forward with a plan to put the right to keep and bear arms in the California Constitution.

Banking on engaging the state’s 13 million gun owners, the 2AforCA effort this week began taking what they term “signature commitments” from registered voters in an effort to build a foundation for the signatures they want to add a constitutional amendment protecting gun rights in California.

“The goal is to stop the insanity coming out of Sacramento and return gun rights to all law-abiding Californians,” Barry Bahrami, one of the group’s organizers, told “There are many gun rights supporters on both sides of the aisle in California. It’s not just a Republican issue. And so, it’s time to get this done.”

In just the first few hours of the effort, which kicked off Thursday, the campaign picked up 8,000 commitments. By Friday morning, the number stood at 14,161.

The dirty little secret here is that there are still a lot of conservatives in this state. Gun owners in particular have been under siege since the Democrats got a super-majority in Sacramento.

The NRA keeps doing what it can to help, and with some success.

But the legally armed citizens of this state will also have to keep pushing back. Bahrami's sentiments at the end of this article reflect the feelings of most of the conservatives who remain in California:

“California is not lost until we actually give up and nobody is giving up, ever,” said Bahrami.