Friday's HOT MIC

Friday's HOT MIC

Oh fer cryin' out loud.

Uniformed Marine barred from walking in high school graduation ceremony.

And this report comes from America's heartland, too.

An Indiana high school student was forbidden from walking the stage to get his diploma while wearing his Marine uniform at his graduation ceremony.

Jacob Dalton Stanley graduated in December from Crown Point High School. He completed Marine boot camp on Friday, and flew home to attend his senior class' graduation ceremony. During practice, Principal Chip Pettit reportedly told Stanley that he was not allowed to wear his uniform at the weekend graduation. Stanley decided to wear his dress blues anyway.

Meanwhile, an early graduate and Marine from the nearby Hobart High School was encouraged to wear her uniform for graduation. Hobart schools superintendent Peggy Buffington told the Times of Northwest Indiana: “This year was especially nice, because Ana Kritikos graduated midterm and landed just in time for the graduation ceremony.”

We're supposed to be honoring these fine young adults, not humiliating them.