Drunkblogging Tonight's GOP Debate

Drunkblogging Tonight's GOP Debate

Trump was Trump: Uneven on the issues but connecting with his people.

Cruz was both Cruz and non-Cruz: He was sometimes Reaganesque and hitting it out of the park, sometimes bunting and missing anyway.

Rubio was over-caffeinated.

Everybody else -- if anybody else matters at this point -- played to type for good and ill.

Fox Business did a better job this time, at least rated on the Modern Not-Really-A-Debate Curve. Last time FB hosted a debate, I was shocked at how often they used Dem talking points to frame their questions. There was much less of that tonight.

My big disappointment? Two of them.

There are still too many people on the stage, and I was really, really hoping for some good Bernie burns.

But I supposed that can wait until he draws first and second blood on Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Just the thought of that calls for a drink.


See you tomorrow.